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Jun 11  ·  2 min read
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Our Stance on Racism and Discrimination

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Put simply: Racism and discrimination are deplorable. Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and stroke do not care about skin, race, or belief; though there is often a disproportionate burden of disease on those most vulnerable. We should all strive against the generation and propagation, in any form, of unnecessary human suffering and pain.

It makes us sad to see evidence of racism or the blatant disregard for human life. The reality is that some deny others basic freedoms and respect because of the color of their skin or other personal characteristics that cannot be changed and are simply irrelevant. More than anything, we are especially saddened when these assaults on basic human dignity and respect lead to escalating violence and unrest, to the destruction of life and property.

All of us need to grow, within ourselves and our societies, simple respect for every human soul regardless of their color, beliefs, or cause. We need to build bridges of understanding and compassion, not walls of segregation. We must work together to engender mutual respect, peace, and an outpouring of love for everyone.

That’s the basic human rights side, what about the business side? Chris here. I think that no business should tell ME that they do not want to have me as a customer due to things like arbitrary pigmentation (that would be skin, eye, or other coloration), my political beliefs, how strongly my mass is attracted to the earth (also known as weight), how many children I may (or may not) have, my personal beliefs (or not) in a higher power, who I’m married to, where I live, where I was born, or anything else.

As a business owner, I work to extend that same courtesy and respect I wish for others to give me personally. I want everyone to be happy and succeed in becoming more healthy, and quite frankly I don’t really care if that includes using something we make or not; that is the reason we make all our information freely available to all, even the recipe for Keto Chow.

I care, we care, about people. We need to ensure that all are protected by justice and blessed with mercy.