Peanut Butter samples out of stock, Mocha update

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Here’s a quick update on product availability. We are currently out of stock on the Chocolate Peanut Butter samples.

Because of this, we just pulled Chocolate Peanut Butter from the “Sample all the Things” bundle – it’s either take out PB or not have the sample bundle at all until we get the Peanut Butter samples sometime in October. So we took it out. The price has been lowered accordingly.

Mocha week bags are going into production either today or tomorrow with delivery to us sometime early next week. We should be getting some Mocha on Monday anyway when the stuff we took to Keto Con gets back to us (there’s a dozen or so Mocha in that).

Speaking of Mocha…. I’m not a coffee drinker but if you are, you should really check out Tokelau coffee. it’s essentially “Bulletproof” coffee in a K-cup, complete with MCT oil and everything!


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