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Oct 28  ·  < 1 min read
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The kind of people Keto Chow appeals to

There is an excellent post over on /r/keto with this comment.

For some people, especially those with atomic families, eating is less about the food and more about the social interaction and tradition of breaking bread with those you care for. Obviously having one person sit at a table drinking a shake while everyone else is eating would be strange. So for those people that share meals with people, any Soylent-like shake is probably not something that will jive really well for those social meals.

How many meals do you truly savor? How many meals are just you trying to find something, anything that you can put in your mouth to keep you from being hungry without screwing up your macros? For me, I still eat an absolutely decadent meal once or twice a month where I cook or go out and enjoy the experience of fine dining. The difference is that all the hum-drum meals have been replaced with Keto Chow.

Yep, that sums it up quite well.