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Apr 3  ·  < 1 min read
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Facebook Live recording from April 2, 2019

facebook live

Every week we do a live broadcast where we answer questions, talk about fun stuff, and more! This week we talked about:

  • Chocolate is on sale this week
  • We introduced a new flavor of Keto Chow yesterday.
  • Day 91 of my experiment: 100 days of eating nothing but Keto Chow
  • Paula says “I’m trying to stay doing keto very hard, but I also find it difficult /frustrating counting calorie , carbs and fat” Got a bunch of good replies
  • Which keto calculator should you use?
  • Pamela wants to know “Are snacks allowed between shakes and meals? If so, suggestions???”
  • Raichael asks “Has anyone tried mixing their Keto Chow with full fat coconut milk? Other non-dairy options than avocado oil?”
  • Chris S. had a question about my 100 days. What drinks have I used the most? Am I going to use butter long-term?
  • Lisa’s kids accidentally threw away a box with Keto Chow and Blender bottles in it
  • Lorraine said “made my shake up last night with the Nenja blender, as usual and I got this 1inch layer of stuff at the top”
  • Stacie says “Just tried my first KC. Does anyone ever split it into 2 meals. It seems like so much”

I totally forgot to turn on the recording on the camera, so the only recording we have is the facebook live recording, complete with the user comments: