Catalina Crunch Review

2 minute read • November 5, 2020
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I was asked if I could do a review on a keto cereal. Of the various ones offered, Catalina Crunch was the one I had not yet tried. Unfortunately for them, I was *just* about to start my 28-day experiment eating only Keto Chow for all my food, so when it arrived – it had to wait for a few weeks.

OK, so here we go!

Does it Keto?

blood glucose

I still had a Freestyle Libre glucose monitor installed when I tried the Catalina Crunch. I’m not in love with the various fibers that are used in the ingredients (Potato Fiber, Corn Fiber, Chicory Root Fiber, Tapioca Flour). However, there wasn’t a major change in my blood glucose after consuming approximately 1 serving worth of the 3 different flavors together in some (very low carb) yogurt I made.

How does it taste?

empty bowls

Tasted like cereal.

Of the 3 different ones, I think the Cinnamon Toast was the favorite of myself and everyone else. The Maple Waffle flavor wasn’t as good. The Dark Chocolate is interesting: When you first pop some into your mouth, the chocolate flavor is amazing… until it goes away. It’s hard to describe but all of us that tried it experienced the same thing: strong at first and then not as good.

The Cinnamon Toast was the most consistent flavor. It has a solid crunch, good mouth-feel (though it tended to stick to my teeth a bit after chewing it for a while). It worked really well in the yogurt and stayed sufficiently crunchy for about 5 minutes. Then started to get soft. Cereal School doesn’t get soft like that. I liked the Catalina Crunch better compared to Cereal School.

I didn’t get a chance to put some almond milk with heavy cream on it because the kids tore through the package with reckless abandon. It’s a shame to “waste” keto products on the kids that aren’t doing keto, but I guess it’s less sugar for one more meal, right?

Which one is best?

bowl of cereal

I think I do still like High Key cereal best, mostly because of the ingredients. The Catalina Crunch is a better flavor and experience compared to Cereal School; this would have me rank the Catalina Crunch second above Cereal School, but just barely because I don’t like all the fiber ingredients in Catalina Crunch.

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