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Lori Allred
Dec 9  ·  < 1 min read
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Circle Keto Chow Flavor Labels

Keto Chow. Make keto easy

Miriam has been putting our Keto Chow into some storage containers – others likely work just fine, these are the ones that fit how tall inside our cupboards are (and they fit 1.5 bags of Keto Chow).

Keto Chow Round LabelsWe wanted to create some new labels that not only include the new flavors, but also include the weight for serving size for each flavor if you like to measure out your Keto Chow instead of scoop (it’s more accurate). Keto Chow Round Labels Stick these new labels on any type of container you prefer to store your Keto Chow in. Shown are some gallon containers found here, and an entire Bulk Meal Bag fits inside. Printing options include using full page sticker sheets and cut around circles; printing on paper and taping over them; or we designed them to be printed on these AVERY Round Labels. Bonus, these labels are water resistant too.



WARNING: Most printers adjust “to fit” page in your printer dialog/setup, but you will need to override that and make sure you are printing at 100% scale or the labels will not print correctly on the avery labels.